Summer Volunteer Opportunities

Join our Volunteer Summer Staff!

The Grünewald Guild depends on the service of short-term staff to sustain its programs. Short-term staff are invited to commit to the Guild for a minimum of three weeks, but many find themselves staying longer. Summer staff must be 18 years of age or older.


Our distinguished art programming provides an opportunity for a work/study arrangement. Work involves assisting core staff in maintaining the physical aspects of the Guild: housekeeping (laundry, room cleaning and preparation), kitchen (cooking, dish team, and table set-up and clearing), outdoor needs (gardening, weeding) and maintenance (painting or light construction).


Summer staff work 25-30 hours per week and receive room and board. Art classes are available to them for $150+materials fee.  Classes are subject to space available, so requests should be made as early as possible.


Summer Staff Housing

Female staff will share dorm space with up to 10 women, both guests and staff members, or they may choose to stay in a tent. Male staff members are housed in tents.


Summer Staff Responsibilities

Staff members arrive on Sunday afternoon or early evening, before the week begins. Monday morning begins with a staff meeting to become acquainted and to receive work assignments. The rest of the day is focused on cleaning and preparing for the arrival of guests and faculty. Guests arrive mid to late afternoon, and the week kicks off with dinner. Staff members are asked to participate in welcoming guests and faculty, escorting them to their accommodations and continuing the role of hospitality throughout the week.


The size of the weekly summer community ranges from 30 to 50 people, including staff. Following dinner on Monday, there is a brief orientation and introduction for the community. Courses begin Tuesday morning after the daily matins (morning prayer). Staff and guests share the same meal schedule, and staff are asked to participate in vespers (evening prayers) and other community times.


Summer Volunteer Application