Art & Play

August 7th - 13th, 2017
Full Package: $930
Class only: $365
Image by Vonda Drees

Brian Rush combines creative enthusiasm, thoughtful insights, and an infectious sense of humor. 


No matter your experience level, playfulness can enliven your artistic practice (and life), expanding possibilities and breaking down internal barriers. Join us for five days of judgment-free artistic play, with guided reflections, a smidge of stimulating theory, and space to experiment with a wide range low-cost, non-threatening tools and materials.


All experience levels welcome. Ages 16+ (Ages 13-15 welcome when accompanied by an adult student.)



What will class time be like? Will I need to work outside of class?


Class time will be spent playing! Our play will follow a variety of structured prompts, and will include both individual and collaborative projects.


Some written reflections will be assigned outside of class time, and participants are encouraged (though not required) to return to the studio and continue working in the afternoons and evenings.



What can I expect to create?


This class will focus on process and experience over any specific end product. Some of our explorations may include collaborative projects that cannot be taken home by one individual. Other projects may include large papier-mache masks, sculptures, or ink drawings, as well as sketchbook and journal entries.


Participants can expect to come home with a sketchbook full of ideas and inspirations for possible future projects in their preferred medium.



What should I bring to class?


All necessary art and play materials will be provided; however, participants are encouraged to bring a camera and/or video camera (smart phone is fine) to document the process, as well as a favorite sketchbook or journal if you have one. Assorted art supplies and/or weird junk for assemblage projects are welcome, too!



This class is part of the Grünewald Guild's Summer 2017 Program: Wonder, Discover, Begin. Click here to learn more about the weekly rhythm as well as alternate housing options. 


DISCOUNT: Save $50 when you pay in full by December 31, 2016 for a week long 2017 summer program class with room & board.



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August 7th - 13th, 2017
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