Bas-Relief Ceramic Tiles

July 17th - 23rd, 2017
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Class only: $330
Image by Jillian Blackwell

We are excited to introduce new faculty member Jillian Blackwell! We love Jillian’s delicate carved and sculpted clay textures, and are thrilled to add this class to our ceramic offerings.


This class will focus on creating decorative ceramic tiles with bas-relief sculpted surfaces and intricate surface decoration.


Ceramic tiles are an ancient and beautiful art form that appears in many different artistic traditions throughout the world. They are extremely durable and can be displayed in both indoor and outdoor settings. Tiles may feature a wide range of imagery, including complex abstract patterns, imagery drawn from art history, or contemporary portrayals of plants, landscapes, people, and more.


In this class, we will learn a variety of techniques for sculpting, carving, stamping, and burnishing the clay surface to develop intricate three-dimensional designs on clay tiles. We will also explore several different surface decoration techniques to complement and highlight the richly-detailed textures of our tiles.


This would be an excellent introduction to clay for beginners and young teens, but the rich array of techniques will also benefit experienced ceramic artists who wish to incorporate bas-relief methods into their own work. Ages 14+


What will class time be like? Will I need to work outside of class?


Each class day will begin with a check-in followed by a brief demonstration of a new technique. The rest of the class will be open work time with one-on-one feedback from the instructor as needed. It is not necessary to work outside of class, but the studio is open 24 hours a day and participants are welcome to continue working as much as they choose.


What can I expect to create?


Each participant will design and create several 6x6” decorative ceramic tiles. The total number of tiles will vary depending on each person’s experience level and desire to work outside of class; most people can expect to finish 3 – 10 tiles in the course of the week.


What should I bring to class?


All necessary materials will be provided; however, students are welcome to bring photographs for design inspiration. These may include decorative patterns or designs, images from art history, or personal photographs that are interesting to you.



This class is part of the Grünewald Guild's Summer 2017 Program: Wonder, Discover, Begin. Click here to learn more about the weekly rhythm as well as alternate housing options. 


DISCOUNT: Save $50 when you pay in full by December 31, 2016 for a week long 2017 summer program class with room & board.


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July 17th - 23rd, 2017
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