Meditative Painting in Acrylic

July 3rd - 9th, 2017
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Image by Sarah Fagan

Introducing new faculty member Sarah Fagan! We first fell in love with Sarah’s quiet still life paintings when she came as an artist in residence in the spring of 2014. We can’t wait for you to experience Sarah’s contagious enthusiasm for painting and passion for finding symbolism in simple objects.


This class will be a celebration of the glory and sanctity in the everyday: a belief that we find in traditions ranging from Christianity to Buddhism.


We will practice slowing down and focusing in on a few simple objects such as pebbles, twigs, paper clips, or matchboxes. These seemingly “insignificant” items will become the basis for loving and detailed still life paintings – a quiet meditation in acrylic paint. 


Beginners as well as more experienced artists are welcome in this class. Ages 16+


What will class time be like? Will I need to work outside of class?


The week will begin with some time spent familiarizing ourselves with our tools, our paints, and our subjects. Participants will create some brief sketches to explore matters of composition and lighting. Each participant will then have the opportunity to work one-on-one with the instructor to design a more elaborate still life arrangement to be completed in greater detail over the course of the week. 


Class time will feature short demonstrations by the instructor, interspersed with plenty of independent work time with one-on-one feedback as needed. The studio is open 24 hours a day, and participants are welcome to continue working on their paintings in the afternoons or evenings; however, this is not required.


What can I expect to create?


Each participant will create a number of initial studies followed by at least one small, highly-detailed still life painting. Experienced painters or those who wish to spend additional time outside of class may create multiple finished paintings throughout the week.


What should I bring to class?


All necessary art-making materials will be provided; however, more experienced participants are welcome to bring their own sketchbook or paints if desired. Please mark any personal art materials with your name so we don’t get them mixed up! 


Please wear comfortable clothes for working in the studio, and feel free to bring small objects from home that may be appropriate for still life arrangements: twigs, pebbles, dried leaves, pencil stubs, clothespins, matchboxes, or whatever else you may find lying around. 



This class is part of the Grünewald Guild's Summer 2017 Program: Wonder, Discover, Begin. Click here to learn more about the weekly rhythm as well as alternate housing options. 


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July 3rd - 9th, 2017
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