The Plein Air Watercolor Sketchbook

June 19th - 25th, 2017
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Image by Bethany Wray

We are thrilled to introduce new faculty member Bethany Wray! This class combines two of Bethany’s loves: watercolor painting, and spending time outdoors. We know you’ll love Bethany’s encouraging and adventurous spirit.  


Before the invention of portable cameras, travelers often carried watercolor paints as a method of quickly capturing the essence of the new places they discovered. Today, artists and sojourners often find that the act of painting helps them to focus and appreciate the particularities and details of a new location.


This class will hike to a number of outdoor locations near the Guild’s campus, taking inspiration from the rich surrounding environment of rivers, forests, mountains, and fields. We will explore a variety of techniques for sketching and painting on location. We will create quick studies and preliminary sketches, as well as taking time to create several longer and more developed paintings. Participants will also have the option of journaling about their experiences and the locations that we discover.


Beginners as well as more experienced artists are welcome in this class. Ages 14+. Participants must be able to hike at least 3 miles on a moderately strenuous trail.


What will class time be like? Will I need to work outside of class?


Each day will begin with a brief demonstration of a new watercolor technique or approach, followed by a short (1-3 mile) hike to a new location near the Guild’s campus. Some days we may take short breaks to create quick sketches along the way; other days we will hike directly to our intended location to have as much time as possible for creating more developed paintings.


We will spend at least an hour in our main location, where participants will have the opportunity to spread out a bit and select the angle or view that they prefer. Most of our painting time will be independent, but the instructor will be available to provide one-on-one feedback as needed.


Most of the work can be completed during the scheduled class time, with the exception of Saturday’s class, when we will pack a lunch in order to spend a longer period of time at our final location. We will return to the Guild’s campus around 4pm on Saturday afternoon.


Participants who wish to return to other locations will have the opportunity to do so during afternoon free time; however, this is not required.


What can I expect to create?


Each participant’s sketchbook will include a number of quick studies and preliminary sketches, plus at least five longer and more developed watercolor paintings (one from each location we visit.) Some participants may choose to pursue additional paintings during the afternoon free time, or to include written notes or journaling about our experiences and the locations we visit.


What should I bring to class?


All necessary art-making materials will be provided; however, more experienced participants are welcome to bring their own supplies or a sketchbook if desired. Please mark any personal art materials with your name so we don’t get them mixed up! 


Please bring comfortable hiking shoes or boots, and a day pack for carrying painting supplies. The Guild will provide simple tripod-style stools for participants to sit on while painting; however, you are welcome to bring your own portable seat if you prefer. Other optional items include a hat, sunglasses, or hiking poles. 



This class is part of the Grünewald Guild's Summer 2017 Program: Wonder, Discover, Begin. Click here to learn more about the weekly rhythm as well as alternate housing options. 


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June 19th - 25th, 2017
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