Pottery: Ancient Inspirations

July 24th - 30th, 2017
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Image by Yonnah Ben Levy

Yonnah Ben Levy brings 50+ years of teaching experience to the classroom. She loves to foster an atmosphere of spontaneity where each student can recognize & build on his or her unique creative gifts.


Pottery is among the earliest of art forms, and contemporary ceramicists continue to find inspiration in both the design and execution of ancient pottery. (The image for this class features new cups inspired by an ancient Canaanite cup excavated near Ashkelon, in present-day Israel.)


This class will focus on beginning and intermediate-level ceramic wheel work that finds its inspiration in ancient civilizations, including objects from the instructor’s own collection of ancient Middle Eastern pottery. We will also work on developing a personal practice grounded in the joy and challenge of creating repetitive work in the tradition of ancient potters throughout the world.


Our works will be finished with terra sigillata as well as traditional glazes, and fired in Cone 6 oxidation.


Ages 16+



What will class time be like? Will I need to work outside of class?


Class time will feature demonstrations as well as one-on-one feedback, with plenty of time for studio work. We will also explore the Guild library and the natural world for inspiration as we continue to develop our individual styles.


The studio is open throughout the day, and participants should plan to put in at least an hour a day outside of class for trimming and other finishing work. Many participants choose to spend significant hours outside of class time working in the studio.



What can I expect to create?


Each participant will have the chance to create approximately 10 objects of similar size and design during the week’s practice. Our completed pieces may take a variety of forms, and will be informed by what we learn from ancient examples, and incorporating those lessons into our own individual style and practice.



What should I bring to class?


All necessary tools and materials will be provided; however, students are encouraged to bring any favorite tools from their personal collections (please mark these clearly!) as well as pottery examples from other times and/or cultures.



This class is part of the Grünewald Guild's Summer 2017 Program: Wonder, Discover, Begin. Click here to learn more about the weekly rhythm as well as alternate housing options. 


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July 24th - 30th, 2017
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