Winter Contemplative Retreat

January 22nd - 29th, 2016
Image by: Molly Lannon Kenny
Based on frequent requests, Molly Lannon Kenny is finally offering a week-long intensive, based on Samarya Yoga Teacher Training.
Are you a dedicated yoga student who has always wanted to go deeper in your study of yoga and spiritual practice - but find only yoga teacher trainings that include the kind of focus you are seeking?  Are you a mental health or other clinical professional that would like to bring yoga and contemplative practices into your work?  Are you studying, or seeking certification in, Integrated Movement Therapy, but are already an experienced yoga teacher and cannot take the two weeks for our Samarya Yoga residential training?  Are you part of our larger Samarya community and have been curious about our retreats at the Guild and connecting more deeply into our satsang?  Molly's 2016 first ever Winter Retreat is for you!
This is a one week intensive retreat, modeled exactly after our Samarya Yoga Teacher Training, without the focus of learning to teach yoga classes.  In this week long intensive you will be fully immersed in yoga and spirituality as you sequester yourself with others on a similar journey in the exquisite beauty of the Guild.
Allow your body and mind to slow down and take in the fresh air, the quiet pace, the ponderosa pine and the hearty food. Each day, we will focus on a specific teacher or change agent spanning across disciplines, faiths, time and location. We will learn about the Yoga Sutras, the contemplative practices of Hindu, Christian and Islamic mysticism and develop our own home asana and spiritual practice over the course of the week.
Professionals in clinical disciplines will learn how to deftly weave their interest in yoga and spirituality into their work with all kinds of people. Students of Integrated Movement Therapy will learn the philosophies that support and inspire our practice, and yoga students will exponentially expand their understanding of and life long connection to the practice.
Accommodations are in lovely, comfortable double or single rooms, each with their own sink and shared bathroom. Three nourishing, home-cooked vegetarian meals are served daily. Our practice and discussions will take place in the homey buildings of the Guild campus, we will practice our yoga asana in a beautiful high beamed Swiss Chalet style building, with our discussions being held in a cozy living room atmosphere. Both are heated by wood stoves.
Basic Schedule:

Silent period: from waking until 10 am.

7 - 9 am yoga and meditation practice

9 - 10 breakfast

10 - 1 discussion, study and philosophy

1-3 lunch

3 - 4 restorative practice

Cost includes round trip train fare from Seattle to Leavenworth, and transport from Leavenworth to the Grunewald Guild in Plain, so no need to worry about driving over the pass in the snow!  For more details and registration, visit Winter Retreat at the Guild.