A Garden of Gratitude

(a reflection by Ian Miles, Kitchen Lead)

Though winter came a little early this year in the Plain Valley, we appreciate the time we had to savor the splendid autumnal color spectrum: clear blue skies, leaves of many hues, and mountaintops glazed with snow.  The gardens that nourished us all summer long (and well into fall!) are slumbering under their snowy blankets.  In this season of giving and of thanks, we look back with gratitude towards those who took part in the task of nourishing others.

For those who cleaned, planted, and cared for the beds in the Guild’s garden, we are grateful – Helen Walsh, Leesa Broker, Mike Caemmerer, and Signora Armstrong. 

For those who helped pick berries, beets, and green beans at Snowgrass Farm towards the end of the growing season, we are grateful – Callie Mabry, Mary Hoffman, and Ping Zheng.

For those who operate Snowgrass Farm and Hope Mountain Farm, supplying the Guild with an abundance of fresh greens, produce, and berries grown just down the road, we are grateful – Jenny Bourgeois and her incredible staff, Ruth Ann + Larry.

I’ve always marveled at the power of food in forming relationships, bridging cultures, and filling us with comfort and strength. It’s been a great joy for me this season to continue to see that power in play. This was the first time I’ve been able to see exactly where the food I cook comes from, who grows it, and even harvest it with my own hands. Deepening that connection with food makes it all the more clear why there is such power in sharing it. From seeds in the ground to meals on the plate, there is so much time and effort, so many hands and forces at work, that are all felt, in some unknowable way, with each bite. 

For all who have, currently, and will gather around our tables, we give thanks.

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