Quilts Refreshed

A Gift from Guild Friends in Missoula, MT

Last fall, Nancy emailed Julia and Chance asking if the Guild would like some new quilts. She was interested in learning more about quilting over the winter, and her group of friends had a number of experienced quilters among their ranks. The Guild said “yes, please!”, and Elaine, Kay, Kathy, Nancy, and Lisa (pictured left to right) got quiltin’.

The goal: to create a new set of quilts for Homestead, with each quilt inspired by and reflecting the work of the room’s namesake artist.

The result: SPECTACULAR!

Not only did Homestead get a complete new set of quilts for each bed, but the group made an additional 5 quilts for use around campus.  

One quilt captures Bro. Mickey McGrath’s beautiful design for Richard Caemmerer’s memorable quote.  

See below for some of the other amazing quilts, including quilts for Michelangelo, Picasso, and Van Gogh in Homestead.

Thank you to our friends in Missoula!

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