Spring Appeal

Our faculty have already committed their gifts of passion and expertise.  Your gift today can match those gifts, preparing studios and readying the campus for faculty, students, and volunteers.

Matching the figts of our facuty is a tall order!

We’ve set a goal of $15,000 for our Spring Appeal, which covers only 25% of the cost of faculty travel, honoraria and studio supplies for the year.

So far, donors have raised $6,100 – over 40% of our goal.

Your gift today can help us raise the remaining $9,000 to support our faculty and welcome guests in this  beloved place of be·longing.

f you’d like to donate by check, please write “Spring Appeal” in the memo line and mail to the Guild at 19003 River Rd (Leavenworth, WA 98826).

Our Faculty are All In!

Here’s what Larkin Van Horn says about why she volunteers to teach at the Guild:

After 27 years (25 as a teacher) of coming to the Guild, what keeps me coming back is not just the natural beauty of the surroundings or the chance to explore an artistic subject in depth. I think it’s the openness of everyone there – staff, students, faculty, interns – to welcome new folks and make them feel at home.  This “instant community” allows for a wide variety of expression – even for a dedicated introvert like me!  I am grateful to be included.

Donations are welcome through our website.  

Starting today, Spring Appeal donations are accepted through our concurrent Spring Appeal Facebook fundraiser!  Please note that Facebook’s donation tracker only tracks donations made through Facebook and does not represent the comprehensive amount donated through all donation methods.  We will post periodic updates via the Updates section of the Facebook fundraiser website sharing comprehensive totals.

You can explore both giving options by clicking the corresponding buttons below.

In a time of profound cultural transition, donations like yours are critical nourishment. Rising costs in salaries, food, and maintenance mean that every penny counts.

Help us meet our $15,000 goal with a tax-deductible donation. Give by May 31st to ensure your gift is received by the beginning of our summer season.

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