From the Board – Executive Director Search

Summertime greetings from the Board of Directors!

We hope your summers include spacious time for art, faith, and community – perhaps in Plain, and wherever you call home.

We are so thankful for our 10-week 2023 Guild summer program.  The Guild continues to grow and change, just as the world is changing.  In this time of change and division, the Guild has been a powerful place of and witness to be.longing.  A timely summer theme – be.longing – as we search for healing, for hope, and for community in a world like ours.

We are so grateful for the hard work and leadership of our two interim co-directors, Julia Hubbard and Chance Voigt, as they accompanied the Guild through the past 16 months.  Chance and Julia arrived in a snowstorm in April 2022.  Since that day they have worked hard to learn the history of the Guild, to stabilize operations (both those we see, and those we don’t), to care for our buildings through maintenance and repair and capacity improvements, to welcome back guests and faculty and artists-in-residence, all the while sharing beloved traditions and implementing new ideas.  They have been very attentive to the soul of the Guild, both in the day-to-day and in long-range planning.

As we move into the second half of 2023, the ground beneath the Guild is solid.  For that, we are deeply grateful.   As Julia and Chance near the end of their interim contracts as Acting Co-Directors and follow their callings far and wide, the Guild sends its deep appreciation and blessing with them.

With our feet planted firmly on that solid ground, the Board of Directors is walking into the Guild’s future with purpose and direction as it seeks a new Executive Director.

For more information about the role, visit our website’s employment page. or click the button below. Please share the job posting far and wide with your friends and colleagues.

Questions can be sent to  Interested candidates may submit a letter of introduction and resume to that same email address.

The Board and I appreciate your continued care and support for this special community of be.longing.

With gratitude + hope,

Susan Kintner
Board President

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