The Grünewald Guild is not a static thing. It never was.

From Julia + Chance, Acting Co-Directors

In 1980, Rich and Liz planted a dream – a living, breathing, evolving community of creative spirits seeking art + faith + community together.  Over the past 43 years, that dream has been tended by a cloud of supporters – artists, students, seekers – whose very participation changed the Guild in ways profound, beautiful, challenging, and honest.  The Guild is, in this way, a process still unfolding, affected deeply by the presence of each person.

We, your Acting Co-Directors, are grateful for the opportunities we’ve had to participate in this process.

Since our arrival in April 2022, we’ve met so many “Guildies” (both new and returning) and witnessed so many transformative Guild stories – ours, and others.  We’ve seen and experienced the power of gathering around the table – studio, dining, and living room.

The practice of community has blessed and challenged us, as it has for so many others.  The work of organizational leadership has taught us about patience, resilience, and relationship.  We’ve even learned to fix a few toilets along the way.

In the months ahead, the Board of Directors will consider candidates for the next full-term Executive Director.  Since our arrival in the midst of an ongoing pandemic, our goal as interim co-directors has been to prepare the way for the next generation of leadership at the Guild.  After eight months of strategic planning, the Guild is poised again to select a leader fit for the work of the moment. 

We are excited to participate in that transition, handing off to someone selected after an intentional time of reflection and course-charting.  We are confident that the Guild’s next Executive Director will be someone with the skills, experience, and heart for the Guild’s upcoming chapter.

With its past leaders – Liz, Rich, Dan, Vonda, Jim, Brian, Gloria, and Kari – we welcome the next leader with eagerness to see what amazing things are in store for the Guild.

As the Guild explores be.longing in the months ahead, we both are astutely aware that we, too, belong to this place.  To each of you – for your welcome and support, we give thanks.  You have been an instrumental part of our experience here and we are so grateful to be.long to this place and its people.  Thank you for supporting the Guild in all the ways that you do.

Blessings + Peace,
Chance + Julia

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