Become a Sustaining Donor

A Monthly Gift for Year-Round Support

As the bustle of summer programs leads into the quiet of winter, we would like to invite you to join with others in our community to sustain the Guild through all the seasons.

This consistency offers a dependable year-round source of income. Current sustaining donors give gifts ranging from $10 to $500 per month, representing 8% of our budgeted revenue. Can you help increase that percentage to 10% by becoming a sustaining donor today?

Are there any perks to becoming a sustaining donor?  Yes!  Sustaining donors receive special quarterly updates from the Guild via email each year.  And beginning in 2023, sustaining donors will receive priority access to summer program.

How to I become a sustaining donor?  Becoming a sustaining donor is easy!  Just click the button below and scroll down to the section entitled “Become A Sustaining Donor” to learn more about the various ways you can donate.

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