Fall Arts Week

October 22 – 28.

Explore thread, clay, and glass at the Guild during a week of fall program, exploring change and longing.  Renew your creativity and spirit with us this September!

Cloisonne: The Elegance of Glass on Metal

with Jean Tudor

Cloisonné is an ancient technique for decorating metalwork objects with colored material held in place or separated by metal strips or wire. Explore color, line, pattern, and texture through the enamel process of cloisonne.  During this class, students will learn about all aspects of making cloisonne enamel works.

Slow Stitching as a Contemplative Practice

with Alicia O’Dell

This class will cover basic hand sewing techniques, the philosophy of slow stitching, and principles of design.   Students will utilize the Guild’s natural setting to ground and inspire their process.

An Intro to Ceramics: From Hand to Kiln

with Shan Wang

Are you curious about ceramics, but haven’t had the resources, time, or space to explore? Try a little bit of everything! This 5-day class will delve into the basics of wheel-throwing, hand-building, and glazing pottery. Learn how to sculpt, cut, carve, and imprint objects in clay with your hands and various pottery tools. Build foundations while getting insight into the wonderful world of clay!

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