Summer Gratitude

We rose this morning to the call of osprey young, demanding breakfast after a night of lightning, thunder, and rain.  The ground is moist underfoot, and the earth is full of lively noises – folks crawling out from the dry dust and heat of summer to celebrate WATER.  Only the Wenatchee river is quieter, sinking low on the bank with barely enough for fish to pass.  

Summer programming has come to an end, and a long deserved weekend respite has been had.  Gathering ourselves together as staff this morning, we caught our collective breath and looked toward a busy fall.  The Grunewald Guild is hardly done for this year.

Yet our first step must be one of gratitude to you, to all of you who be·long to this place, this community.  Gratitude for the gifts you have given of creativity, of prayer, of laughter, of service, of soul-filled conversations.  Gratitude for financial support that has paid for staff and fixed buildings, has filled studios and bought food.

This summer,  week after week, a total of over 180 people came together creating  community built around exploring the relationships between art and faith.  They interrogated the nature of beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world with process and mark making and shared inspiration; they brought forth beauty.  Thank you for being a part of this journey and enriching it with your gifts.

We held 44 different classes,  including a first ever family camp, and experimented with new ways of structuring programming.  Thoughout much of the summer, the pottery studio kept busy with locals from Plain.  

We are so grateful for our on campus staff: Chance, Julia, Ian, Shan and Erin.  For 39 faculty, new and returning.  And we are especially grateful for all the volunteers who washed dishes, cleaned rooms, tidied studios and offered their welcomes: Yiya, Will, Webster, Tamzin, Summer, Signora, Rick, Palakini, Olivia, Mike, Maris, Maggie, Lila, Katie, Kathy, Julia, Jonah, John, Joe, Jerry, Jamie, Greg, Gloria, Glen, Gina, Erin, Eleanor, Denise, Claire, Anny, Angela, Adrian, Nancy and Adele.  Thank YOU!

Just as the sun seems to set more quickly each day, the change of season here at the Guild speaks of urgency.  As Julia and Chance come to the end of their interim leadership, all the details of preparing the way for a new director call for attention.  We ask your prayers for the board as they select new leadership, and for those who continue to arrive and depart in this season.  

May all know the joy of be·longing

Grunewald Guild Staff:

Julia and Chance,  Acting Co-Directors
Shan, Jennifer,  and Gloria

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