Contribute to the Guild Endowment Fund

Donate Cash

To donate online, visit the Endowment Fund’s donation page at the CFNCW website. You may make a one-time donation or set up a recurring donation.

To donate via check*, mail to:
9 S Wenatchee Ave
Wenatchee, WA 98801

*Make check payable to CFNCW, and write “Grunewald Guild Endowment Fund” on the memo line.

Donate Stock

The Guild accepts gifts of stock into its Endowment Fund through the Community Foundation of North Central Washington. To donate, fill out this form at the CFNCW website. Your gift will be processed by CFNCW and delivered to the Guild’s Endowment Fund on your behalf.

To ensure correct delivery, write “Grunewald Guild Endowment Fund” when it asks “How do you want this gift to be applied”.

Donate from your IRA

The Guild accepts donations to its Endowment Fund from your IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) through the Community Foundation of North Central Washington. To donate form your IRA, fill out CFNCW’s IRA Gift Form and follow the instructions on that webpage.

When it asks how you want your gift to be applied, write Grunewald Guild Endowment Fund.

Since its inception in 1980, supporters have enlivened the Guild and its vision with their financial and in-kind generosity. Please consider a donation today!

Your financial support encourages, sustains, and upholds the Guild’s work welcoming and inspiring all who explore the relationship between art, faith, and community.

The Grunewald Guild is a 501(c)(3), and your donation is tax-deductible to the extent provided by federal and state law.
EIN #91-1126086

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank You for supporting the work of the Guild!