Jan Krist

Detroit-born Jan Krist was raised on the folk rock sensibilities of the 60’s and 70’s. Her work has been highly acclaimed in Billboard Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and Dirty Linen. Jan holds a BFA from Indiana Purdue University Fort Wayne. Along with her husband Alan Finkbeiner, she owns and operates Outpost Studios. Her most recent recording, Robin Hood, is available at JanKristMusic.com

Jan has been writing songs since she was 14 years old. In 1991 she recorded her first CD, “Decapitated Society.” This project, co-produced by Ron Moore and Jan on a budget of $1,500 got her signed to REX Records, out of Nashville, and was chosen by Bob Darden of Billboard Magazine as his #1 End of Year Critics Choice 1992. Since then she has worked with major producers, such as Jim Dickenson, and has released 13 CDs. Her work has been recognized by Dirty Linen, Image Journal, CCM Magazine, The Detroit News, The Chicago Sun Times, and other publications around the country. She has won numerous awards for her work and has taught songwriting workshops around the country. In 2015 she received a BFA from Indiana Purdue University, with a concentration in ceramics. She continues to stretch out creatively: performing, writing, recording and producing music for herself and others, and creating art.

webpage  jankristmusic.com