Alicia O’Dell

Alicia O’Dell (she/her) is a multi-practice artist and curious explorer. She views her art practice as a meditation to expand her perception of self and the world. Alicia’s work explores the conversation between the natural world and the human experience.

A trained metalsmith, she spent a decade designing and fabricating jewelry under the brand of AEO designs, a line of contemporary wares inspired by the perpetual exploration of familiar and unknown landscapes. Recently, Alicia transitioned her practice to exploring fiber. The limitation of learning a new medium brings an open curiosity that has led her to also experiment with wood, sound, and video.

Alicia was born and raised in Wenatchee, Washington. She served in the Peace Corps in Ecuador and Malawi, completed a metalsmith residency in Portugal, and has lived in all four corners of the US. Her travels continue to be a great source of inspiration and learning.