Emilie Bouvier

Emilie Bouvier is an artist and community organizer in Minnesota’s Twin Cities. Emilie works in historic/alternative process photography and clay, finding her practice fueled by the process-oriented nature of these mediums. She is drawn to the places where land history, story, and spiritual/theological traditions meet – and how those intersections can open up through image-making.

Emilie’s art-making is at once a deeply internal practice and one that consistently is strengthened and shared in community. Her spiritual grounding and work within the Lutheran faith community has been a consistent thread through both. Emilie received her MA from Luther Seminary in 2014, where she concurrently served as resident artist. She has since held residencies at Pilgrim Lutheran Church in St. Paul, MN (2015) and Holden Village in Washington State (2016). In 2019 she returned to Holden for a yearlong stint as Village Artist. Emilie currently serves as Director of Organizing for the Minneapolis Area Synod, ELCA.

webpage www.emiliebouvier.com

 instagram @emiliebouvier_arts