The mission of the Grünewald Guild is to welcome and inspire all who seek to explore the relationships between art, faith & community.

The Grunewald Guild welcomes and affirms all humans. Each person – every age, size, color, gender identity, sexual orientation, family structure, race, religion, country of origin, ability level and language – is important and necessary to us. We embrace and care for each entrant into our space, valuing them as part of our fellowship. We believe that diversity is a beautiful way to build a community.

Our Core Values

  • The Grünewald Guild believes in the transformational power of the arts.  In support of this value, we provide a nurturing environment for creative discovery and artistic expression.
  • Rooted in the ecumenical Christian tradition, the Grünewald Guild welcomes seekers of all faith backgrounds, and respects the diverse spiritual paths that often lead to our open door.
  • Life in community is at the heart of the Grünewald Guild – a foundation for inspiration.  Guests, volunteers, and staff alike engage in shared experiences of creative expression, rest, work, play and reflection.
  • At the Grünewald Guild, our staff and volunteers take pride in offering genuine hospitality; ensuring our guests are cared for in a friendly manner, nourished by healthy food, in a clean, comfortable, welcoming environment.
  • The Grünewald Guild practices sustainability.  This value is embodied through attention to caring for the earth and her gifts, and through sound financial practices and thoughtful stewardship of the gifts of time, talent and financial resources that are offered by a vast community of love and support.