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Date & Time Details: Wednesday Mornings, 9 – 11 am (Pacific Time)

Location: Online via Zoom

How does this work?: After you register, you will receive an email with the invitation link to join the Cyber Studio.

What will these cyber studio sessions look like?: At each session, the initial minutes will be spent sharing about our goals and hopes for our art making. We might choose to converse intermittently during the session, or we might all enjoy some focused quiet time (we’ll find our way, organically). Near the end of the session, we’ll gather back up to share our progress. There will be no instruction. There will be a host, though, often a Guild faculty member. The host is often willing to have their cameras on and focused on their projects, in case you want to take a break and simply watch art in process.

Do I have to show up for every session?: You are welcome to come and go at your convenience to our 2-hour cyber studio sessions. You are welcome to have your video on or off. If you want to play music, we’ll ask that you mute your microphone. Depending on the mood of the group, informal conversation will likely be part of our time together.

What can I expect to create?: That’s up to you! Chances are good, though, that you will create something since you’re doing it in community! Hope to see you in the Cyber Studio!

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Cyber Studio: Wednesday Mornings in November

With Adele Caemmerer

November 1 – 29, 2023

We will gather online via Zoom on Wednesdays from 9 – 11 am (Pacific Time).

Each session will begin with sharing our hopes and goals for our art making. Whether intermittent conversation or focused silence follows, we’ll find our way organically as we move through the session. We’ll close our time together by sharing our progress. There will be no instruction. There will be a host, likely a Guild faculty member. The host may show their camera on their own project, in case you are curious about their art process or are needing a break from your own.


Adele Caemmerer
After coming to the Guild as a staffer in 1987, Adele met and married Guild founders, Richard and Liz Caemmerer’s son, Mike. Adele and Mike ventured overseas for teaching, and…
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