Our beautiful campus, cozy facilities, and affordable rates make the Grünewald Guild an ideal location for your next retreat practice.

The Guild’s inclusive community has hosted a variety of people as they intentionally explore areas of creativity, art, spirituality, and community.

At the Grunewald Guild, we recognize the value of stepping outside of our day-to-day routines and schedules. In doing so that we enter into the “thin space” of retreat.

This space might offer us any number of things – contemplation, rest, creativity, challenge, communion, and renewal. By “stepping outside” and into a space of retreat, we commit to a “practice of retreat.” This space is something sought, and the shape of each retreat practice is unique to the seeker’s intentions and needs. Some seeker’s desire quiet and rest, with minimal or no conversation. Some desire conversation around a boisterous meal table. Some enter into retreat with a desire for facilitated creative and spiritual practices. Some are completely self-led.

Whether it is the practice of “community with oneself” or with others, there is no right or wrong way to practice retreat so long as the retreatant listens and responds to the needs of their heart.

As an expression of its missional exploration of creativity, art, spirituality, and community, the Grunewald Guild hosts retreats throughout the fall, winter and spring. The Guild has a variety of housing, meeting, and studio spaces available. We can also provide meal service, though that is not required (most of our housing spaces have kitchenettes or full kitchens). We can also help facilitate practices related to art, creativity, and spirituality.

Please select which type of retreat you are interested in planning: