Summer Program 2023

Summer 2023 programming included an unprecedented 10 weeks of classes, up from 8 weeks of classes in prior years.

2023 brought accessibility changes as well, including the introduction of a sliding-scale course fee and variable course lengths (between 3 and 6 nights) rather than only 6-night courses.

Classes began June 18 and ran for ten weeks through August 26. Each week had 2 – 3 classes to choose from, with most classes capped at 10 participants. The summer theme was “be-longing.”

Who are you?

Whose are you?

For what do you long?

Our shared daily rhythm of class, meals, morning + evening gatherings, and open studio offered ample time and space to explore.

The quiet nights of the Plain Valley and the lull of the Wenatchee River offered restoration and rest as participants broke from their normal pattern for a week of creative retreat amongst the mountains.

We anticipate a similar structure for summer 2024. Watch this space for more information and registration. Or, sign up for our eNews.

2023 Accessibility Update

The Guild is excited to offer the following as part of its Summer 2023 program:

Sliding-Scale Course Fee

Each participant will select a Course Fee that reflects what they are able to pay for tuition and materials.  Course Fees cover tuition and materials only.  The sliding scale differs depending on the program’s duration.  The scales are outlined at left, under “Registration and Fees”.   When you register, you can select the Course Fee level that is appropriate for you.  The sliding scale course fee is not available for Week 8’s Art for All Family Camp.

Financial Assistance Application

The Guild is able to offer some financial assistance.  To inquire, please submit a Financial Assistance Application no later than 24 hours after registering for a course.  You may apply before registration.  To help ensure financial aid resources are available to as many students as possible, we ask each applicant to consider whether and how much they are able to cost-share.

If you are able, please consider a donation to the Grünewald Guild’s scholarship funds.  You may add a donation to your course registration.

Multiple Course Lengths

This summer, the Guild is offering a variety of course lengths.  Residential programs run between 3 and 6 nights.  Each week’s courses are the same duration, beginning and ending on the same day.  Check the dates for each week.

All programs allow only one registration at a time.
If you would like to register as a couple or a small group, please contact Chance.

2023 Weekly Rhythm

Arrival Day
3:00 pm Arrival Begins
6:00 pm Dinner
7:30 pm Gathering & Welcome

Course Days
8:00 – 8:30 am Breakfast
9:00 am Matins
9:45 am – 12:45 pm Class
1:00 pm Lunch
6:00 pm Dinner
7:30 pm Vespers

Departure Day
9:00 – 10 am Brunch
10:00 – 11:30 am Closing Celebration

2023 Summer Registration & Course Fees

Registration Deadline
Registration Closes one week prior to the start date of each class.

Registration Deposit
Your registration for the week is confirmed with a deposit.

Sliding Scale Course Fee
(not available for Family Week)
7-Day Program:
6-Day Program:
5-Day Program:

2023 Summer Lodging

Price is per night
PB = Private Bath
SB = Shared Bath

Cabin (max. 4 people; PB): $150
Private Room (SB): $110
Shared Room (SB): $55
Yurt (SB): $70
Library Dorm (SB): $30 per bed
Personal RV (electric avail; SB): $30
Private Tent or Car Camping (SB): $20

Hilltop House Room Rates
– Private King (PB): $140
– Private Queen Room (SB): $130
– Private Full Room (SB): $120

2023 Summer Meals

Residential Meals/all inclusive

7-Day Program: $280
6-Day Program: $230
5-Day Program: $180

For cancellation and refund policies, please see our Terms and Conditions.

2023 Weeks:

Week 1: June 18 – 24
Week 2 June 25 – July 1
Week 3: July 2 – 7
Week 4: July 9 – 14

Week 5: July 16 – 20
Week 6: July 23 – 29
Week 7: July 30 – August 4
Week 8: August 6 – 10

Week 9: August 13 – 19
Week 10: August 20 – 26

Sorry, no programs exist here.