“Something as earthbound as fabric and clay and paint can speak our most wordless longings, express our delight and grief. Beauty can connect our hearts to the divine heart.”

– Guild Founder Richard Caemmerer

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An Updated Website

If you’ve perused the Guild’s website recently, you may have noticed a few changes! We hope this…

Summer Gratitude

We rose this morning to the call of osprey young, demanding breakfast after a night of lightning,…

New Guild Master

The title of “Guild Master,” bestowed by the Guild’s Board of Directors, honors artists whose life, faith,…


From the Heart of the Guild

  • What Does It Mean To Belong?
    There is a tension for me, not simply in the idea of belonging, but the word itself and its two definitions. That of property, and that of intimate relationship. The first thing that many people think of, when they think of belonging, is family. Unfortunately, family represents both types of belonging. As a child we don’t get to belong to … Read more
  • Sharing the Load: A March Reflection on Be•Longing
    It was Mother’s Day. I was visiting a congregation.  Their tradition was to invite members to speak on days like this.  A young woman, visibly pregnant, maybe 5 months, stood at the podium, and began to share.  She began, “things weren’t always great with my mom, in fact, they were pretty awful…” As she continued to share her story, and pain, she began … Read more
  • The Space In Between
    I keep looking at the dot, that little mark taking up space between be and longing, that has inserted itself into a perfectly fine word.  No one asked this little dot to show up in the middle of belonging, yet here it is, taking up space – even more space than some of the letters. This dot is marking the … Read more

The Grünewald Guild welcomes and affirms all humans.

Each person – every age, size, color, gender identity, sexual orientation, family structure, race, religion, country of origin, ability level and language – is important and necessary to us. We embrace and care for each entrant into our space, valuing them as part of our fellowship. We believe that diversity is a beautiful way to build a community.

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